Former president, Mieko Ito asked me what kind of club I think our JPAC should become.
At the moment these ideas are welled up in my mind:  I want to enjoy and share the happiness of painting porcelain; the joy of learning new things; and the delightful surprise of discovering new or different techniques, senses of arts, people, and parts of our changing world.

 Our main activities are publishing our newsletter to share information, holding seminars, and holding an international exhibition once every two years. I hope I can contribute to deepening and spreading porcelain painting while following the ideas above.

 Our second international exhibition will be held at Kyoto in 2018. We are planning a wonderful and enjoyable exhibition. We sincerely hope you and your friends can join JPAC's 2018 Kyoto exhibition.

Satomi Totten, president of JPAC




   1. You must read our internet homepage and be able to send and receive emails.


    2. You must have five years or more experience in the field of porcelain art. However, applicants  who have experience    in other art media - such as oil painting, Japanese style painting, watercolor, ceramic art, tole painting, et cetera - will be admitted if they have four years of experience in the field of porcelain art.



    You are welcome to become a member of our club even if you are a member of another porcelain club.