Former president, Mieko Ito asked me what kind of club I think our JPAC should become.
At the moment these ideas are welled up in my mind:  I want to enjoy and share the happiness of painting porcelain; the joy of learning new things; and the delightful surprise of discovering new or different techniques, senses of arts, people, and parts of our changing world.

 Our main activities are publishing our newsletter to share information, holding seminars, and holding an international exhibition once every two years. I hope I can contribute to deepening and spreading porcelain painting while following the ideas above.

 Our second international exhibition will be held at Kyoto in 2018. We are planning a wonderful and enjoyable exhibition. We sincerely hope you and your friends can join JPAC's 2018 Kyoto exhibition.

Satomi Totten, president of JPAC




   1. You must read our internet homepage and be able to send and receive emails.


    2. You must have five years or more experience in the field of porcelain art. However, applicants  who have experience    in other art media - such as oil painting, Japanese style painting, watercolor, ceramic art, tole painting, et cetera - will be admitted if they have four years of experience in the field of porcelain art.



    You are welcome to become a member of our club even if you are a member of another porcelain club.


 Membership fee is 5,000 yen per year for fiscal years beginning April 1st 2014.
 Please pay in advance for the first two fiscal years (10,000 yen) by bank transfer by the end of April 2014.
 If you would like to join us after April 1st of the first fiscal year (2014), please pay full membership fee (10,000 yen) to our bank account within fourteen (14) days of receiving our notification that your membership has been accepted tentatively.
 If you would like to join us after April 1st of the second fiscal year (2015) please pay the half fee (5,000 yen) to our bank account within fourteen (14) days of receiving our notification that your membership has been accepted tentatively.
 Please apply by using the application admission form on our homepage.

 Your application will be accepted FINALLY as soon as we receive your payment.


 We don't accept cash payment.

 Please regard your remittance record as our receipt .


 After receiving your payment, we will register your name as a member and send you your Membership Identification Number and your Password to access the "members only" section of our homepage.


Members will be able to participate in events such as general meetings,
seminars, and exhibitions. If there are many applicants, participation
will be on a first-come-first-serve basis or by lottery.
Members will be able to receive club correspondence by e-mail.
Members will be able to access the member-only pages of the club homepage.
Members can give their opinions at the general meeting.


Members can give their opinions on club operation by discussing
with the vice president.
Members can offer suggestions about events or seminars through the
board members. If a member's suggestion is adopted, the member must
cooperate in its implementation. In such cases, the member whose
suggestion was adopted will have the same rights as a committee member.
Members have the right to vote for the president and board members.
Members can apply to become a member of a committee (publicity,
exhibitions, seminars, etc.) organized by a board member.
A member who has committee experience, or continuous membership
of over 3 years, may stand as a candidate for a position on the
board when board members are changed once every 2 years.


Members may display their personal business cards in their own
exhibition space and distribute their cards to visitors when
club exhibitions are held. (Pamphlets and brochures are not
permitted )
 When the booth space are offered  during club exhibition,
members can apply to rent the booth space. 
Members who have rented booth space at club exhibits may conduct
business therein, for which they bear individual responsibility.
Members may apply to be demonstrators at club exhibitions.


In accordance with the rules, members may request to link
advertisements for their own studios to the club home page.

Duties of Members

Members must pay the membership dues by the due date.


Members must cooperate in club operations as much as possible.


Members must participate in, and help with the international exhibition
held once every two years. If members have circumstances that make
it impossible to attend, they must notify the exhibition committee
and gain the approval of the president.


Any later changes to information entered at the time a member
registered with the club must be conveyed as soon as possible
to the vice president.